The Unicirc® and its method of circumcision was conceptualised and initiated in Cape Town, South Africa, by Dr Cyril Parker and Dr Elisabeth Pillgrab-Parker. A team led by Dr Cyril Parker designed and developed the device.


Dr’s Cyril Parker and Elisabeth Pillgrab-Parker enjoy a productive working relationship with different Health Departments in South and Southern Africa, as well as with the WHO, various NGOs, and a dynamic panel of international experts.

Founders and Innovators

Dr Cyril Parker and Dr Elisabeth Pillgrab-Parker

MBChB (Wits), BSc (Wits), Diploma in Anesthesia (SA)


Dr Cyril Parker graduated from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg in 1981. He obtained his Diploma in Anaesthesia (DA) from the College of Medicine in 1984 (SA).


Dr Parker worked at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto before establishing the first one-stop Primary Healthcare facility in a rural area in Ennerdale in the South of Johannesburg.


Dr Parker travelled widely abroad and worked in different primary healthcare settings with a keen emphasis on prevention. He gained extensive experience in healthcare in both rural and urban settings.


In 2006, Simunye Primary Healthcare and the Simunye Circumcision Centre were founded in Cape Town. Dr Cyril Parker is the lead developer of innovative medical circumcision devices, such as the Unicirc®, a Surgical Assist Circumcision instrument.


The Unicirc is the first South African disposable Surgical Assist Circumcision instrument, which has been CE certified.


Dr Cyril Parker has more than 35 years of experience in primary healthcare on local and international levels in his role as founder, innovator, and medical advisor of Simunye Primary Healthcare and Simunye Circumcisions.

PhD (Klagenfurt, Austria), MA (Vienna, Austria), Diploma in Business Management (AIM, Sydney)


Dr Elisabeth Pillgrab-Parker graduated with a PhD in Philosophy in Austria in 1991. She moved then to Australia, where she established a successful career in Pedagogy and Business management.


In Australia, she held positions such as Head of Department of Music Pedagogy at the Australian National University (ANU), lecturer at the Catholic University Canberra, Sydney University / Conservatorium of Music, and University of Technology Sydney / Kuring-gai Campus. During her career as a lecturer, she worked as a lead coach for Opera Australia in Sydney.


After moving to South Africa in 2006, Dr Elisabeth Pillgrab-Parker lectured at the University of Cape Town (UCT) for 18 months. Subsequent to this she embarked on a career in healthcare consulting and business management.


Dr Elisabeth Pillgrab-Parker is the co-founder and operations director of Simunye Primary Healthcare and Simunye Circumcisions in Cape Town, which were established in 2006.


Dr Elisabeth Pillgrab-Parker is a researcher and the co-developer of surgical circumcision instruments including the UNICIRC® Male Surgical-Assist Circumcision Instrument.


Dr Elisabeth Pillgrab-Parker international experience and local expertise is vital in establishing and managing further projects of excellence, all in the field of preventative healthcare, health awareness, training and education, and expanding quality primary healthcare and circumcision centres.



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