Health Professional Overview

Benefits of UNICIRC Circumcision Instrument and Method

  • Safe for both surgeons and patients
  • Disposable
  • Circumcision completed at a single visit
  • Safe, needle-less, bloodless and sutureless
  • Wound heals by Primary Intention and provides excellent cosmetic results
  • Can be used in patients with Phimosis and Short Frenulum
  • Can adjust removal of mucosa for HIV prevention
  • No wearing of instrument
  • Safer than open surgical circumcision procedure
  • No scheduled return visit needed for removal of instrument
  • Fast to perform, easy to teach and learn



At training, video and procedure manuals are available. Based on that, within the near future, an E-Learning Platform will be established.



UNICIRC method is suited for traditional circumcisers.

Circumcision is important in HIV prevention

Amount of mucosea to be removed for effective HIV prevention:

circ illustrations 1


Langerhans Cells: causing HIV infection through transport of the Virus:

circ illustrations 2


Task shifting

Training/certification of entire circumcision procedure to lower Cadre Health professionals, e.g. Clinical Officers, Nurses. Procedure can be performed safely by Healthcare providers with minimal level of training.

Forceps Guided Surgical Circumcision

Surgical Circumcision requires high level of surgical skills, is time-consuming and costly. It has a high rate of minor complications, like Haematoma, bleeding, infection and delayed healing.