Certification Program for Health Professional Organisations

Health Organisations employing Health Professionals get certified for the UNICIRC method ensuring every Health Professional has undergone the required training to perform circumcision with the UNICIRC Instrument.

See How to become a certified health professional for more detail.


Benefits for Health Professional Organisations

  • No cross-infection: single use instrument, re-use prevented
  • Glans and shaft of penis protected at all times
  • Non-necrotising: no odor during healing process
  • Rapid healing within 4 weeks by Primary Intention
  • All-in-one kit: least amount of consumables
  • Ideally suited for recruiting patients and up-scaling VMMC in RLS
  • Accredited Training Program, Instruction Manuals and videos available
  • Safety and effectiveness supported by Clinical Trials from Country of Intended Use
  • Cost effective for Public Health Good
    • Circumcision completed at a single visit
    • Safe, needle-less, bloodless and sutureless
    • Single provider procedure
    • No requirement for scheduled return visit for removal