Comprehensive HIV PREVENTION Package

  • Comprehensive HIV PREVENTION Package:
    • General Public Information
    • Creating HIV awareness
    • Health education
    • HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT)
    • Commencing treatment of ART for HIV positive patients early
    • Implementing evidence based scientific studies
  • Addressing social and structural determinants:
    • Poverty, Gender Inequity and Human Rights violations
  • Recruiting and up-scaling of VMMC in RLS
  • Reaching WHO targets of circumcision


Benefits of the UNICIRC Instrument for Up-Scaling VMMC

  • Circumcision completed at a single visit
  • Safe, needle-less, bloodless and sutureless
  • Single provider procedure, no requirement for scheduled return visit for removal
  • Circumcision is complete at time of procedure, Rapid healing within 4 weeks by Primary Intention
  • All-in-one kit available: least amount of consumables
  • Ideally suited for recruiting patients and up-scaling 
VMMC in Resource Limited Settings
  • Allows easy task shifting of Health Professionals / Circumcisers
  • Use the fast track model to further up-scale and reach targets
  • Integrating the PRIVATE SECTOR, instead of trying to integrate ALL VMMC's into existing services (which is severely limited by financial constraints and lack of human resources)