UNICIRC® Instrument

The UNICIRC® Instrument and Method


The Unicirc® is a single-use male circumcision device for safe and cost-effective circumcisions, with a significant capacity for scaling up circumcision procedures.


The Unicirc® is a Surgical Assist instrument that has been developed in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) Framework of Evaluation of Male Circumcision Devices.


The Unicirc® procedure is completed at a single visit and can be completed in approximately 10 minutes. At the beginning of the procedure, topical anaesthesia can be used instead of injectable anaesthesia. At completion of the circumcision, tissue adhesive is applied to the wound area, instead of sutures.


The Unicirc® instrument is produced in 8 different sizes, ranging from infant to adult sizes.


  • NO needles
  • NO sutures
  • NO wearing of disposable device


Designed and developed in South Africa by a team of experts led by Dr Cyril Parker. The Unicirc® offers a safe, minimally invasive and scalable alternative to the circumcision devices currently in use, including those endorsed by the WHO.


The Unicirc®  with its method of use presents a radically new approach to circumcision, which has proven to be superior to classical surgical methods and circumcision clamps, surgical aids and rings currently in use, through clinical trials published in independent medical journals.

Unicirc® Sizing Card
Unicirc® Tube Sizes

Benefits of the Unicirc® instrument



  • Safe for patient and provider, protecting the glans during entire circumcision procedure.
  • Quick to perform.
  • Single provider procedure, completed at a single visit without sutures in 10 minutes (including crushing time).
  • Ease of training. The procedure can be safely done by a Nurse Practitioner or a Clinical Associate: No sutures, no diathermy needed.
  • Rapid healing by primary intention, around 90% healed by 28 days.
  • Complication rate equal to or less than conventional circumcision.
  • Highly time and cost effective for patient, provider, and state.
  • Suited for patients with short frenulum and phimosis.
  • Excellent cosmetic results.
  • Suited for all ages: from infants to adults.
  • Ideally suited for circumcision outreach camps in resource-limited settings.
  • HPCSA accredited training program.